About Us!

Meet Jozh!

Greetings all and welcome to the page. My name is Jozhua D. Watson and I am a Phoenix native and the owner and tastemaker of Indulge Irresponsibly. I started Indulge Irresponsibly to provide a positive vegan food experience as well as to promote health, sustainability, and wellness throughout the valley of the sun and in less affluent communities. My plant-centric lifestyle started with a need to change my lifestyle to become healthier. At times, people don't often see the potential health impacts of their decisions until down the road when things are often too late to change. I was pre-diabetic, had hypertension, had kidney issues, and was at a high risk for a stroke. All of this throughout my 20's. With the transition to a vegan lifestyle in my late 20's, I am healthier than ever and those health issues have reversed. With Indulge Irresponsibly, I hope to share my culinary experiences and delicious tastes with the world and challenge anyone willing to make the change to invest in more healthy and environmentally friendly habits, such as eating clean as well as preventative measures that require drive, faith, and optimism.

When I am not baking, I am teaching courses in social transformation at a state university or being a school administrator for a behavioral health graduate school. Outside of this, I love eating and trying out new vegan foods as well as participating in community initiatives that serve the greater good of humanity.


Meet Nick!

Hiya! My name is Nick Salazar (Nini for those in the know) and I am the newest addition to the Indulge Irresponsibly family. Like Jozh, one of my many hats is that of an educator, which is perhaps what drew me to Indulge. As a vegan company that is firmly grounded in ethics, community, and sustainability, the company resonated with all the reasons I got into education in the first place (with the added benefit of heckin’ delicious baked goods). There are times when I feel that teaching is not enough on its own, that there is more I can do to have a greater impact on the world around me; What Josh is accomplishing with Indulge Irresponsibly has shown me what the next step for me looks like. As a new Vegan baker, I am incredibly stoked to not only share delicious sustainable vegan treats with the world, but to use that as a vehicle for creating a more ethical and environmentally sustainable society that values empathy, compassion, and solidarity with all the beings we have the privilege of sharing this planet with. 

About the Bakery

Indulge Irresponsibly, LLC is a local home-based organic scratch vegan bakery, providing some of the most creative custom and flavorsome desserts in the valley since 2018 (with dietary and allergy friendly options available). Indulge Irresponsibly is also a socially and environmentally responsible bakery that undertakes and supports community initiatives geared towards the betterment of people in less affluent Phoenix communities. A percentage of sales go towards creating access, education, and sustainability to healthy sustainable food systems in less affluent communities in the Phoenix Metro Area. Indulge Irresponsibly, responsibly!

Go Green!

Indulge Irresponsibly, LLC is committed to making brisk decisions to protect the environment and manage our environmental impact responsibly. Indulge Irresponsibly has taken a number of steps to reduce our environmental impact and underscore our commitment to sustainability.

To note a few:

-Compostable, biodegradable, reusable and/or recyclable packaging to wholesale clients and customers.

-Eco-friendly packaging from The Bottle Box for single use items.

-Composting compostable waste, while recycling or reusing the discarded material.

-Purchasing ingredients and materials from local sources in the valley